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2018 Calendar Orders

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Selected Exhibitions & Honors


BNAA at Carnegie Art Center
'Masterworks' Artists Group Gallery, Buffalo
Springville Center of Arts, BYWAY show
'The Art of Native Plants', Miebohm Fine Arts, East Aurora, NY
Pastel Society of Western New York at St. John Fisher College, Rochester, NY
Buffalo Niagara Artists Group, 'Fall' at Artists Group Gallery, Buffalo, NY,
Chestnut Ridge Artify The Park participant
Marla Baggetta Worksop, at Hungerford Center in Rochester


BNAA at Daemen College Art Gallery
'PleinAir Magazine' sponsored trip, Artists Paint in Cuba
Partners in Art 20th Studio Show at Carnegie Art Center, N. Tonawanda
'Color', Impact Artists Gallery, Buffalo
'Plein Air Cuba 2016 Exhibit' Crystal Moll Gallery, Baltimore, Maryland
Plein Air Magazine's PleinAirCollector.com feature article about Cuba visit
Buffalo Niagara Artists Group, River Art Gallery Honorable Mention,
Plein Air Westfield 2016 invited artist
13th Art on the Riverwalk Honorable Mention
'En Plein Aire' Niagara Arts & Cultural Center, Niagara Falls, NY Third Place
Magpie Springs Cellar Door Gallery, Adelaide, Australia
Western New York Artists Group, Members Traditional Works


Lectures and Presentations to 20th Century Club and Williamsville Art Society
'Seascapes' Solo Exhibition, Coffee Nut, Long Beach, NY
Knox State Farm Invitational Exhibit, April and November
'Buffalo Neighborhoods' at Betty's, Buffalo
'You Are There' Theme exhibits, Buffalo Artist Studios
Beyond the Barrel, Niagara Arts & Cultural Center, Niagara Falls, NY
Western New York Artists Group, Members Traditional Works
Curated Niagara Frontier Plein Air Painters at 464 Gallery, Amherst Street.
 Regional Exhibition XXIV, Art Dialogue Gallery
BNAA at River Art Gallery, Honorable Mention


Solo exhibition, 'Impulse' at Impact Artists Gallery July to September
Bismarck Art Galleries 8x8, Bismarck, North Dakota
Represented by Beach Break Art Gallery, Bethany Beach, Delaware
Buffalo Niagara Artist Association at Carnegie Art Center
Niagara Frontier Plein Air Painters Annual at Partners in the Arts


Plein Air Magazine Publisher's Invitational, Adirondack Mountain Painters III
Keuka Lake Residency at Sunny Point
Impact Plein Air, 1st Place and Honorable Mention awards
Art and Preservation at C.J Jung Center, Buffalo
Square Foot Exhibit, Bismarck Art & Galleries Association, N.D.
Beyond the Barrel, Niagara Arts & Cultural Center
Western New York Artists Group, Members Traditional Works
Niagara Frontier Plein Air Painters
Buffalo Niagara Artist Group, Spring & Fall Exhibits, Art Dialogue Gallery & Carnegie Art Center
The Allentown Art Exhibition, Theodore Roosevelt Inaugural Site
Ladies of the Mist, Carnegie Art Center, No. Tonawanda 2nd prize


Partners in Art, North Tonawanda
Market Street Art Center, Lockport
Plein Air Magazine Publisher's Invitational, Adirondack Mountain Painters II
Lewiston Art Festival, Honorable Mention Oil Paint
Emerging/Converging at NACC, 464 Gallery
Avant 2012, installed by 464 Gallery
Artsphere, Garden Mystique (guest speaker) and Waterfront Shows
Niagara Frontier Plein Air Painters at Partners in Art, North Tonawanda, NY


Buffalo Niagara Artists, Kenan Center Gallery, Lockport
On the Waterfront & Garden Mystique, Artsphere Gallery & Studio, Buffalo
Niagara Frontier Plein Air Painters, Market Street Art Gallery, Lockport
Solo exhibition, Wine On Third, Niagara Falls [July]
Traditional Works & BNAA Spring, Art Dialogue, Buffalo

Lewiston Festival of the Arts
Plein Air Magazine Publisher's Invitational, Adirondack Mountain Painters I
Kenan Art Center, BNAA Spring Show
P4P at Statler Hilton, Buffalo
Impact Artists Gallery National Juried Exhibit


Grand Island Chamber of Commerce Newsletter back page feature – March
Brooklyn Art Library Project Exhibit 
Market Street Art Center BNAA Spring 
Niagara River ‘BoomDays’ exhibition 
International Plein Air Painters Feature Artist of the Month – April
Lewiston Festival of the Arts
Kenan Center BiAnnual Area Artists Exhibition
Artsphere Gallery 'Garden Mystique' exhibit & postcard
Erie County Fair, 1st Premium, seascapes, 2 white ribbon awards
Solo Exhibition, Quaker Bonnet Walls ‘The Skies Over Buffalo-Wait a Minute’ September
Music is Art 'Magic Mayhem', Albright Knox
Art Dialogue Gallery BNAA postcard image
Illustrator & Artist Stir in the Mist Cookbook


Albright Knox Museum Area Artist Invitation Collection

AM Buffalo WKBW television segment & interview

Castellani Art Museum Consultant & Teaching Artist

Erie County Fair Plein Air Competition, 3rd Prize

Forever Young Magazine May 2009 feature article & cover illustration
Solo Exhibit, ‘Around & About the Light’ Quaker Bonnet, Buffalo May & June

Spree Magazine #3 in ‘Hot 5’ for May events

Worldwide Plein Air Paintout representative

Who's Who in America


Albright Knox Museum Area Artist Invitation Collection

Castellani Art Museum Consultant & Teaching Artist

‘Master Pastelist’ designation & resident artist Perry, New York

Solo Exhibit ‘Rushing Summer, A Private Wintergarden’ Niagara Arts & Cultural Center, Garden Gallery

Television series artist [Music is Art]LIVE @ the Center

Worldwide Plein Air Paintout participating painter

Who's Who in The World, Who's Who in America 


Albright Knox Museum Area Artist Invitation Collection

Buffalo Niagara Art Association Achievement Award

Castellani Art Museum Consultant & Teaching Artist

Solo Exhibit ‘Significant Growth; Before and After October Surprise’ Quaker Bonnet, Buffalo

Television series artist [Music is Art]LIVE @ the Center

Worldwide Plein Air Paintout participating painter

Global Arts Village, New Delhi, India Artist Fellowship

Who's Who in America


Gallery Representation

464 Art Gallery, Buffalo, NY
Phyllis Stigliano Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
Art Dialogue Gallery, Buffalo, NY


Brooklyn Art Library
Buffalo Olmsted Parks Office
Buffalo Family Justice Center

Castellani Art Museum, Niagara University, NY
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratories, New York
Department of Justice, Maryland

Erie County Court System

Gerald Mead, Buffalo NY

Ford Motor Company
Lone Star State College, Houston, Texas
Memorial Medical Center, Niagara Falls, NY /> New York State Parks at Niagara Falls
Ohio State University

Plein Air Magazine

University of California, Berkeley
University of Indiana, Indianapolis
University of Russia, Moscow  

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Artist Statements

People want more time in their day to get things done. If I had more hours in my day, I would just keep painting.

Every painting is a self-portrait of how I see; a mirror of my observations. Painting real places & objects, I prefer to paint outdoors, observing and experiencing nature and recording things that attract me. Light, weather and time of day inspire my work & can change colors and appearances quickly.

While I often paint familiar places, I see new opportunities and different sights every time I set up my easel and choose a subject for my canvases. When I return to a location each encounter becomes a record of a different day, a different point of interest.  I use oil paint and pastels interchangeably and sometimes with each other. Luscious colors and contrasts are irresistible, various artistic elements & lines draw your eye through these paintings. If my images increase your appreciation of nature, or show you details that you would usually miss, then the pictures are successful. 

Of all the aspects involved in being an artist such as preparing canvases, ordering materials, framing, drawings and research, recordkeeping and shows, what I most like to do is start a new picture.

 Commissions & Requests Accepted

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In About 1000 words

An Appreciation of my Inspirations

I have only two significant childhood art memories. In second grade my pink & orange art project lacked contrast on the elementary school bulletin board compared to my friend's brilliant yellow & black design. And, if you carefully outline the shapes in a coloring book first, the picture is neater. Nothing artsy happened to me - no painter influence, no museums, significant role models or art events. Educated in the Sputnik age, the creative pursuits in elementary school were substituted with mastering multiplication & division with binary & Roman numerals. I grew up knowing I would go to college.


A stern high school art teacher taught me that I would master anything with enough effort; a saved 18x24 book of precise brush strokes to the right & the left document my slow progress. She had us copy art works exactly;  by June I could. A few attempts at my own ideas, along with slight parental praise, supported my new goal to be artistic. Starting at Ladycliff College, & subsequent transfer to SUNY Fredonia exposed me to every possible subject & artistic media I could imagine. My Ceramics & Printmaking concentrations took advantage of every studio & event in the beautiful new New Brutalism art complex. Unfortunately, it was the era of Minimalist art trends so I did not learn to draw, yet I earned a great education & could lead a discussion on the merits of the red splat in the corner of a white canvas.


I seized a graduate opportunity at University of Buffalo and won a Fulbright fellowship to Ahmedabad, India. A visual journal of my travel around India & Nepal developed observation skills & drawing ability. Education on the road in Asia ended a few weeks early because of the India-Pakistan war. The group airlifted out of Bombay in a complete blackout, surrounded by anti-aircraft fire & falling flak lighting up the darkness. I had learned a lot about cottage industry crafts but more about myself; exposure to Moslem, Buddhist & Hindi beliefs & the red tape of British bureaucracy had given me global insights that still influence my thinking.


Life went on. I was teaching a second grade art class when a student asked me to draw a cow. This seven year old made me face the need to learn to see, remember & draw well from life. I put a long tail, udders & a cow bell on my best dog drawing to satisfy him, but I also created my first 'five year plan', began to carry a sketchbook & recorded what I saw with pen, pencil & watercolor. The transition from three-dimensional pottery to creating on paper was harder than I expected, but I continue to create five-year plans for my own benefit, & stick to the goals I set for myself.


Eventually, I had an easel but no great creative sparks appeared to light my way. Walter Prochownik at UB encouraged me to experiment & work outside the lines, for this, I am eternally grateful. I started to work late into the night in our miniature 6'x8' studio/guestroom in Niagara Falls, exploring & enlarging natural items such as leaves & flowers in great detail. One day I tacked a giant BFK Rives onto the wall & sparks from the art muse appeared.


As Niagara Falls High School art teacher I had opportunities to visit colleges, talk to artists & critics & exhibit at galleries. I mastered mat cutting & color mixing. Between my art teacher career & desire to be an artist I was tired, but happy. Babs Damesimo introduced me to the magic qualities of colored pencils; we took a Gary Greene workshop together in Cleveland. Her color pencil work has the ethereal quality of a memory & I miss our artistic discussions over tea or wine. My artist friend & mentor Sharon B. Muldoon shared ideas & possibilities with me. Acting as a sounding board for my plans, she often listened to me solve my own problem & cheered me on to the finish. Sharon also introduced me to plein air- and the headquarters for the worldwide International Plein Air Paintout is just across the Niagara River in Niagara Falls, Ontario.


Another personal milestone involved teaching college level Advanced Placement Studio Art. The students had so much to give & so much to learn, that I was challenged to keep up with them. My colleague, Rob Lynch, was an exciting addition to our critiques; I listened carefully & applied his advice to my work, & quoted his 'push the paint around' & 'activate the space' so often that the words became mine. I began the Rose Series to experience the rigorous challenge of a concentration for the AP students; this discipline of artistic structure helped me understand & plan what I would paint next. Leaving teaching, I was inspired to retire Kathy Schifano, the art teacher, to become Kath, the artist.


Never forgetting the lesson that I will learn anything when I try hard enough, I apply this information to guide my life & artwork. My family has supported & encouraged me; now I find time to paint with oils & pastels outdoors, all year long. Sharon Fundalinski encouraged me to schedule painting with her group, my Thursdays are reserved for the spark of outdoors. We often paint together around western New York & we joined Niagara Frontier Plein Air Painters with Joan Shaw as well. I have been juried into the Buffalo-Niagara Art Association. Belonging to these groups brings me to paint in new places; Grand Island is so beautiful & rich in subject matter that I would not have to leave the island for ideas; their friendship brings me over the bridge. I really love to paint.


My paintings are a culmination of experiences & acquaintances & activities & I hope you enjoy & look forward to each day as I do.


 [Now, a traditional bio as if someone else wrote it]
Born Kathleen Marie Theiss in Brooklyn, middle child in a family of three, there were no family connections to any of the arts. Kath took advantage of college classes & courses to discover a variety of media. She acquired a NYS Art teaching certificate. Throughout her career as an art teacher she continued to develop her abilities through travel & study. She is involved with several plein air groups & prefers oil paints & soft pastels for her paintings. Her work can be found in private collections in multiple countries, 4 continents, 25 states, various juried shows, local galleries as well as her studio on Grand Island. Mrs. Schifano thanks her family for their patience & love.

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Suppliers & Sources

  Jerry's Artarama



  Light Impressions Direct

  Real Color Wheel

  Wet Canvas


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